About the fit advisor

In January 2012 I had a conversation with one of my house mates that would change my life, I had always seen myself as being ‘smaller/thinner’ than said house mate who was on Weight Watchers at the time, suddenly during a conversation I discovered that in fact I was not, I weighed considerably more than her (and I am a good few inches shorter than her) I realised at that point that the person I saw in the mirror wasn’t who I was. So I made a choice to lose weight, but not only that, to change my life and become someone who liked the person who looked back at them in the mirror. So I changed my life…

…sounds dramatic but when I look at who I was then…

New Years Eve 2011

and who I am now you can see quite dramatic changes,

June 2013

however it has been relatively easy and by doing each thing gradually I have managed to maintain both my new body and my new lifestyle.

Explore my posts to find out how I’ve done it and where I have come from as I share some of my secrets, successes and sorrows throughout the journey and beyond.