The race is on…for 25 hours! My Red Bull Time Laps Report

If you are a cyclist and don’t know what the Red Bull Time Laps is where have you been this weekend?

Also you aren’t following the right people on Instagram.

But just in case:

What: 25 hour relay bike race

Where: Laps of a section of Windsor Great Park

When: 28th-29th October, the night the clocks go back to make this 25 hours rather than just 24.

And yes I took part in this incredible event with 3 friends for Queen of the Mountains. Why? Why not.


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My Big Easter Adventure – London > Bruges > Calais

I’d mentally decided to cycle to Bruges over the Easter weekend about 6 weeks before, but actually only got round to booking my ferry and accommodation 2 weeks before.
This wasn’t a problem P&O offer very regular sailings between Dover and Calais. What it did mean though, was I ended up only being able to book a bed in a 10 bed dormitory at St. Christopher’s Inn, more on this later.
With the necessities booked the only other prepping required was route planning and packing.
Most of this I finalised the night before I left, what can I say I’d had a busy week. However it also proved to me, someone who loves to plan EVERYTHING in advance, that I don’t need to!

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