Good for you Granola

I’ve posted pictures of my granola on my Instagram stories A LOT. I love it, and I have had a lot of requests to share the recipe. Finally I am, not because I didn’t want to before but because I tend to make it up, so this weekend was the first time I wrote down what I did, and as luck would have it (for you!) it is the best I’ve made to date!


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What’s in my Tupperware?

So, I often get asked what is in all the Tupperware I post on Sunday evening..well here it is! The BIG reveal, well sort of. So, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as telling you what is in them as I would have to do a different post every week, because funnily enough my diet is not boring! Instead I will endeavour to share some of my snacks, planning tips and give you a ‘how to’ of Tupperware meal prep..


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