Step out of your comfort zone…


…this weekend has been a weekend of just that in 2 very different ways.


On Saturday I headed to the Be:FIT show (see more about my day there on Instagram @the_fitadvisor), not really out of my comfort zone but while I was there I went to a Les Mills GRIT cardio class. Over the last 12 months I have done some classes and high intensity interval training but 90% of my training has been running focused and about endurance ready for the SDW50.

So back to Be:FIT…

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[Fit Moves] – Summer Six Pack Part 1

So summer is on the way and I keep getting asked by people how to tone up and flatten the stomach. The hardest part is telling them that six packs are made in the one wants to be told, that to have the perfect flat stomach you have to eat like a rabbit (ok slightly extreme but you get the jist). Despite mentioning this to people everyone still likes to ‘work’ their abs, and I’m the same, call me crazy but you can’t beat that ache in your stomach everytime you laugh the day after a ripping ab workout! View Full Post