Simple Substitutions

As a long distance runner one perk is that I can pretty much eat anything without worrying about it. Well that is how it seems from the outside and in part is true. However this is not necessarily a good thing, in the same way that some people seem to live on junk food but still have enviable frames! It’s about more than this, my focus 80% of the time is to eat real, good and nutritious food while at the name time not depriving myself of anything I love (like cake and pizza!). This is easy with a bit of planning and some clever substitutions to help.


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The Power of Protein!

It still surprises me the look of shock I often get when I tell people I drink protein shakes. However I know an increasing number of girls I know who work out are using protein shakes, and companies are starting to realise it isn’t just bulking men who use protein and are starting to make protein shakes more appealing to the female customer as well as introducing more protein products.


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What is “Clean Eating”?

Well there is a question, and is it the right way to go with your diet?

I’m probably not going to give you a black and white kind of answer, that would make it all too easy for you, and let’s be honest our bodies are too complex for a one size fits all approach, plus I am not a nutrionalist, I’m just here to tell you what has worked for me, plus at the end of the day, we are all intelligent to know WHAT is good for us, it is just whether or not we want to apply it to our lifestyle.

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Ham, Chill and Rocket Eggs

I found this recipe in a magazine a while ago and had been meaning to try it out. I finally got the chance not only to try it (tweaked ever so slightly of course!), but to try it for someone else!! If there is one think I love more than cooking, it’s cooking for others. Call me crazy.

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